My Thoughts on Christianity

I wanted to write a post regarding my current views on Christianity. Regardless of your personal stance on faith, this is undoubtedly a topic that incites powerful emotions the world over. I’d like to start by making perfectly clear what this post is and what this post is not.

This is not a post to debate the validity and existence of an omniscient being. We would be hard-pressed to find a Coca Cola bottle from 1891, let alone trace our origins back to the beginning of time to ascertain the truth about our genesis.

Educated men have dedicated their entire lives to unearthing our mysteries. Historians will poke holes in the conflicting accounts depicted in the bible (such as Jesus’ trial). They spend sleepless nights cross-referencing multiple religions under the Christian umbrella trying to find correlations. But I sincerely doubt that any religion will ever be definitively proved or disproved through science.

In short, it is of no consequence to me whether a creator exists or not. As with all things, it is not information alone that aids or destroys man. It is the people who react to them that builds and destroys nations. So this post is not an attack on God, but the ones who follow blindly.

For example, I am not one of those who accuses the media of corrupting the youth. It would be foolish to claim that it has no affect on people at all. But it is also foolish to say that a young boy who hangs himself with his father’s necktie to visit Hades after watching “Hercules” is solely the media’s fault.

I have noticed that many contemporary Christians practice their religion with a certain level of selectivity. To them, God is the source of love, humility, happiness, equality, strength, empathy, forgiveness, purity, faith, martyrdom, and an all-encompassing good. I have had the honor of calling many of these people both friends and lovers in the past.

But if I were asked if they were truly Christians, I would say they are not. That’s like calling yourself a boxer and never punching your opponents. If I were to directly ask these contemporary Christians if there were ANY parts of the Bible that they considered to be complete and utter bullshit, it is unlikely that they will give me a simple answer of yes or no. In the chest of many modern Christians, there lies a heart of doubt.

Had they answered no, the implications of that would be profound.

They would be acknowledging a God that drowns the entire planet in catastrophic rain simply because he does not like the sinful nature of his creations.

They would be acknowledging a God that slaughters the children of his enemies after manipulating their leader to defy him (for the sake of setting an example).

They would be acknowledging a God that tells a father to murder his child in a sadistic test of loyalty.

They would be acknowledging a God that kills the family of his most dedicated follower to settle a bet in yet another twisted game of loyalty.

They would be acknowledging a God that decrees homosexuality to be a detestable sin deserving of death.

But had they answered yes, this would be denying the very roots of their existence itself.

I feel that God is given a tremendous amount of immunity due to his status as well…God. Yet if we were to judge him as a fellow human being, his actions would be condemned by society as an evil not seen since the second World War (Jewish irony I know). In fact, I have heard many Christians make the argument that God is like a loving parent. That’s surely one modus operandi of discipline with China Arnold’s stamp of approval.

Balancing these polarized aspects of God is something every moral Christian is forced to come to terms with at one point or another. Friedrich Nietzsche believed that with the advances human beings made in science and philosophy, God had become obsolete. He went so far as to boldly claim that we had killed God. Time proves that Nietzsche was wrong. God did not die. He simply adapted to the changing times.

So who are the REAL Christians then? Today, we call them fundamentalists, extremists, zealots, and even terrorists. These are the Westboro Baptist Churches of the world. These are people who take a literal interpretation of the Bible and practice it with zealous pride. Some believe these people only proliferate ignorance and hate. But I do not believe this is so. Some of them have loving families and actively involve themselves in good causes. They embrace Christianity for ALL that it is. They sincerely wish to save mankind while simultaneously relishing the blood hemorrhaging from the corpses of God’s enemies. It is no wonder that trying to maintain such polarized philosophies results in the appearance of insanity.

So what’s my beef with Christianity? Aw man I wish the topic was Hinduism for the sweet pun.

I think it’s unfortunate that a belief, born of faith alone, continues to influence our legislature. It is one thing to respect each others freedom to practice whatever religion we choose. It is quite another to impose those ideals as a legal standard that all others must live by with the threat of penalization.

Whether you are a good person or not, Christianity is one more form of identity mankind has contrived to distinguish themselves from others. This only serves to further segregate people despite the multitude of reasons that already exist to do so. But unlike the color of your skin, this is something that exists entirely in the mind alone. No religion holds a monopoly on human decency. I wish we could shed this particular label in the future and come together under the category of common goodness.

At its core, western religions propagate this belief that human beings are inherently flawed. Our minds and bodies are enemies that must be conquered and controlled. I’m not a hedonist, but personally, I don’t like that shit.

Finally, Christianity is ytinaitsirhc spelled backwards.