About Me

imageMy name is Christopher Chang. I am currently attending school at the University of California Berkeley as an English major. I am a bit of an academic late-bloomer. I will be entering my junior year at the age of 29. My passions revolve around literature and aquatic life. As an introvert, I plan to use this blog as an outlet for my thoughts. If you don’t keep the company of vulgarity, sex, profanity, and all manners of things that are human, please don’t be offended. I cherish love and hate in equal parts.

4 thoughts on “About Me

    • Hi there Agellius. Enabling or disabling comments was one thing I carefully considered before beginning my posts. The thing is, some of the subject matter I write about are kind of controversial. I didn’t want my blog filled with flame wars or anything like that. This will become particularly dangerous as I begin covering politics, current events, and contemporary issues (such as abortion, gun laws, gay marriage, foreign policy, etc.)


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